Our Team


Dynamic Dealer

Having done post-graduation from UK he joined his family business of Paper and cement manufacturing and have pioneered in sales & branding of the product, he is disciplined and have developed great corporate culture in the organisation right from HR policy to IT department. Very dynamic in approach and perfect in management through technology.


Agressively Alert

B.com graduate, very versatile personality, having joined family business at early age he have excellent command over manufacturing, procurement and sales. Being in the biggest market of ASIA for wood he have great exposure in negotiation, marketing & international business.


Avant Grande

B.com graduate, self-made man having experience of over 13 years in steel trading, he is best known for his commitment, loyalty and ethical business. He is the key person in keeping all the finances and investments of the company. Very polite by nature and superb in decision making. For him Friends and family is the first priority everything else is just secondary.



P.G Engineer, by profession he is high tech Farmer and is the first in India to get certified organic pesticide for crops. Having his roots linked to ground he is extremely hard working, disciplined and the perfect executioner. He is very fond of technology, innovation and have quick adaptability towards new changes.



P.G Engineer, He was ment to be businessman, very aggressive and high risk taker, always looking for opportunities. Excellent command over steel and cement industry, always looking for opportunities, expert in sales and strong management makes him perfect for handling complex business.



B.com graduate, youngest among all but very seasoned and mature personality. Having travelled almost all parts of India he is a true hard worker, passionate and is mainly responsible for the formation of the company. He is such a great learner and executioner in short one-man army. He has been awarded for excellence in tricycle manufacturing and state of art fabrication of equipment used under swatch bharat. Extremely dedicated, high endurance, very socialite and adventure seeker personality.



PG Engineer, no degree can define his knowledge he is a true multi tasker, genius in numbers, having in depth knowledge of manufacturing, trading and finance. He have single handed completed number of deals. Very positive and visionary personality; he is the bonding gel of the company highly experience and robust commitment. Highly social and convincing personality.