About Company


Daaarts Incorp Private Limited is a one stop solution for all kinds of supply, consultancy and services. Basically involved in all kinds of Government and private liaison & commissioning works. Company have successfully completed 115 tenders over 780 locations across INDIA.

History Behind Making of DAAARTS.

A family of 7 friends who were Young, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic, ambitious, shrewd and potential. Once while partying they came up with an idea of aiming together. To use each one’s strength into a business venture. This venture eventually became DAAARTS.

Thus the foundation of the DAAARTS Incorp Pvt Ltd was laid on the dinner table. We decided to use our strengths to become super power. Our weaknesses would overcome by coming together and fetch dynamic results for us.

After so many discussions and so many ifs and buts we came up with DAAARTS. It was finally incorporated in August 2017.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovattive & bespoke Assurance, Testing, Inspecttions and Certifications services for their operations.

Our Vision

To be the most resourceful company at most economical cost. To achieve highest productivity with maximum work satisfaction. To be proud Indian company recognized all over the world.

Our Proficient Team

Glimpse of our Core Team, our belief is no one perfect in this world and the perfectness can only be achieved by a Team.